Your Wedding Shoes

“Your wedding day will be the most important day of your life”. You’ve heard this quote more than once, haven’t you? The day you get married will become an unforgettable date in your memory, it is not just something symbolic in the calendar.

It is important that all the details are taken care of perfectly so that, when you get married, everything is perfect. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of brides who use a wedding planner to take care of every feature of the celebration, but what about your feet? 

Wedding shoes are the second most important choice a bride will have to make for her wedding, her wedding dress being the first.

Many times we overlook something as important and fundamental as the shoes of our wedding day. When it comes to choosing your wedding shoes, you have multiple options:

Comfortable Wedding Shoes

But the most important thing that a bride must consider when choosing the right pair of shoes for her big day is comfort, a comfortable wedding shoes.

Wearing uncomfortable footwear can cause you not to enjoy the day to the fullest, as you will only be thinking about the moment when you can rest and sit down. Are you willing to spend the whole evening sitting without being able to dance because of an uncomfortable foot pain?

Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Forget about having to carry flat shoes in your bag, which only take up space and take away elegance to your look. We show you how to choose the perfect shoes (and comfortable!) to go to a wedding, whether you are the bride or a guest.

Wedding Shoes Heel type​

You should pay special attention to the type of heel the shoes have. There are so many types of heels that we can get overwhelmed when we get to the shoe store or when we look for a pair of comfortable shoes online.

Wide Heel as Comfortable Wedding Shoe

We usually think that the lower the heel, (wedding shoes flats), the more comfortable it will be, but this is not always the case. Heel comfort is also determined by other factors. For example, a square or wide heel is much more comfortable than a stiletto heel.

Ideally, slightly wider heels will provide more comfort and stability

A wedding shoes low heel, a safe bet to your day too!

You must think that the more surface it has, the more it will be how to wear. Especially if you are only used to wearing flat shoes.

Wedding Shoes Perfect size

One centimeter more or one centimeter less can ruin your wedding day. If they are too big, your foot will come out of your shoe when you try to walk. This is very uncomfortable and the rest of the guests will think that you don’t know how to walk well or that you don’t feel comfortable.

However, if they are too small, the foot will tend to swell and it will be very uncomfortable not only to walk, but also to simply stand.

All our wedding shoes are specially designed for a comfortable and soft fit. From the first moment you will notice that your foot adapts with great ease.

Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Beware of materials of your Wedding Shoes

There are many different kind of materials. This point is also very important.Some shoes are made of plastic to avoid leather, but if they are not quality, they may have more drawbacks than benefits. If the insole of the shoe is made of a not very breathable fabric and the foot sweats a little, it will go forward causing discomfort and will not allow us to walk well. We recommend lightweight, durable, breathable, vegan materials, like Organic Cotton, Satin,Chantilly Lace.
Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Place of the event of your Wedding

Is it a beach wedding? Will the wedding be in a lawn space? Be careful with these places. If you wear heels that are too fine, they can be nailed to the lawn. Try to choose a wide heel for such a celebration.

If it’s on the beach, wedges are a good choice. It’s one of the most comfortable options. We have a wide variety of Heel,colors and ribbon to make a perfect flat wedding shoes or wedding shoes wedges combination.

comfortable wedding shoes

Which are the latest trends in wedding shoes?

If you’re looking for a comfortables wedding shoes, take a look at these options that we propose here:

  • Wedding Shoes Wedges

    Wedding espadrilles. The colors white, ivory and silver are ideal to combine with any color. The  espadrilles are perfect for weddings in spring and summer especially, you can also find them with all different thicknesses of heel. If they also have a little platform, they are even more comfortable.

  • Peep toe Wedding espadrilles

    They are a classic at weddings and, for the moment, will still be in fashion. They are widely used because they tend to be very comfortable, as well as elegant. These usually include the platform we mentioned earlier that provides more height and comfort.

  • Flat Wedding Shoes – Espadrilles.

    Yes, yes, you’ve read well. Lately some celebrities have decided to forget about the glamorous shoes and opt only for the comfort of espadrilles. One of them has been Kate Middleton who often appears with this type of footwear in different events and celebrations.

Don’t be afraid to take risks, look well among all the options you currently have and take these tips into account. Surely you will find the perfect comfortable shoe for nothing to spoil a day as emotional and special as this, while feeling beautiful, chic and glamorous.

comfortable wedding shoes
comfortable wedding shoes
comfortable wedding shoes